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Over the years, I’ve written a great deal about what I’ve called the racial equity/racial justice learning journey, always framing it as a lifelong commitment.  What I will share next month is intended to aid you in forming a practice of continuous learning, unlearning, and action for racial justice.

In my racial justice work, my mantra has been, and still is, REVEAL, REFLECT, RECALIBRATE.

I offer revelations of my racial reality.

I try to encourage deep reflection. Who is achieving the promise of America? Who isn’t? Why not?

Lastly, I hope to prompt readers to personally recalibrate, to change, to see and act on your role in making America racially just.

Seeing and understanding racial injustice takes  sharpened sensibilities, eyes, head and heart keenly focused and open to new realities/perspectives. I invite you to join me in learning, unlearning, and doing all that it takes to achieve racial justice.

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  1. Thanks Tamara…You are SO good at doing exactly that. I look forward to continued learning with you…

    Cheers, mary

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