A Trial and a Movie: George Floyd, Derek Chauvin and Billie Holiday

I am reminded of my June 2020 post as the jurors on the trial of Derek Chauvin deliberate and on the cusp of the Oscars as Andra Day is nominated for her portrayal of Billie Holiday in the “United States vs. Billie Holiday.”

The Day … The Moment


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  1. I do think this will be a definitive moment, but it almost begs the question, are we going to do this the hard way, or the (somewhat) easier way? The verdict of this jury could incite understandable violent reaction, if it acquits Chauvin. Or signal a monumental moment, send a powerful message to those in law enforcement that this will not be tolerated, that they can and will be held accountable for these kinds of actions going forward, if it convicts him.

    Not to say that EITHER outcome of this trial is going to be some miraculous moment that ends racial bias and inequity completely, but it could be one of those big moments of seismic shift. You were right in saying you sensed a change. I feel it, too. This time, in addition to youthful optimists out protesting, I see my friends who have never shown anything but the most passive attestations of being unbiased, actually listening and understanding the need to be active allies.

    I am guardedly hopeful this might be a positive “moment”!

  2. Waiting for the verdict to be announced…we’ll have to see where this takes us as a country.

  3. There really isn’t a way to achieve justice whenever someone is murdered. A friend stated the outcome of the trial well: “The prosecution did an amazing job, but as has been said it is accountability, even if it can’t be justice.”

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