Can You See It Now?


Some people have what might be called a significant vision problem. They don’t see/can’t see/won’t see structural racism or the inherent patriotism in fighting for racial justice.

Can You See It Now? is a short story that follows Paul White on a most unusual doctor’s appointment.

Get comfy.  Do you have your favorite beverage?  Ready to read? Here’s the link.  Please share with those who might benefit from seeing the world through a different lens.


10 Replies to “Can You See It Now?”

  1. I have shared with my friends this thought-provoking story so important for our time and the future of our country.

  2. I agree. I will send it separately to the education director of the John Marshall Center for Civics and Constitutional History for their consideration in educational programming.

  3. Ouch!! How can we get this more widely distributed? I will start with all my children and grandchildren!!!

  4. Thank you, Tamara. All of the examples are excellent, but I can really “see” the Monticello section. Your Parable is timely, an easy read, and it would make a very good addition to a high school curriculum. Off it will go to my social studies/history teacher friends.

    1. Thanks, Joanie. I appreciate you sharing it however you see fit. Just wondering, do you see this as a resource for adults, your friends or family? Too elementary? My goal is to shift thinking/perceptions among adults more than helping young people to learn. Maybe it just doesn’t quite hit the mark for that.

  5. I see it as a resource for people who would like to learn, people who are opening their minds to racial inequities. I think it’s for all ages, but I was thinking of the audience of young people who are in school. But, yes, I will send to adult friends as well….those who are, like me, trying to catch up on the years that we didn’t “see” what was happening. Thank you for the reminder.

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